Using a Wood Spacer or Shim

We wanted to put a valance in front of an existing set of hanging vertical blinds. Those blinds had a sort of metal valance already, so we needed to install a second curtain rod. The problem was that a typical curtain rod isn't deep enough — it wouldn't hold the flags out in front of the existing blinds. We needed to "push" the valance rod out away from the wall a bit.

The solution was to cut some small pieces of wood to fit behind the brackets that screw into the wall, the ones used to hang the new curtain rod. These are the types of brackets that came with the curtain rod:

Looking around, we realized that a typical paint stirring stick was just the right width. It's the kind of thin, flat piece of wood hardware stores give away for free. We got a couple of them, then cut some rectangles the size of the brackets.

It turned out we needed two pieces of wood behind each bracket. We cut them, glued them together, then drilled holes through them to match the screw holes in the brackets. Voilà, problem solved!