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Window Curtain Valance Flags

Your message will read left-to-right, the same as the word(s) you type into the "Banner" area of the order form. Valance flags are shipped without rope. You slide the flags over a standard curtain rod. The casings 1-5/16" to accommodate an ordinary curtain rod up to 3/4" diameter or thickness. Curtain rods are not included.

Note:  5 flags fit well in 44" with about a 1/2" space between them. 9 flags work well with a 72" patio door. The flags are 8" wide, so to calculate for your curtain rod width, use 8-½" time the number of flags, plus about 4" for left and right window frame space (about 2" each). Also note that with an odd-number message, you'll want to consider the center support.

Example using 5 flags: 8.5" x 5 flags =  42.5"  + 1" left window frame + 1" right window frame = 46.5" (Assume a 2" wide window frame with curtain rod bracket in the middle of the frame.)

Rope or Curtain Rod?

Signal flags make a great addition to a nautical bedroom. And, there's that "secret message" aspect that's so much fun. We get a lot of orders for nurseries and children's bedroom banners, what with the colors being so bright and basic. However; a rope banner tends to sag in the middle. An alternate option is to use a thin, café rod directly on a wall. ("MARIE")

maritime code flags bannersignal flag nautical theme child's roomNote the slight dip in the middle of the rope banner ("LON") to the left, with 1" casings. If you want a more straight-edge look, the image on the right shows the same flags with a thin, 1/4" café rod or dowel.

Valance or Frameable Flags?

On the other hand; our valance flags have a wider 1-5/16" casing, designed to be slipped over a 3/4" curtain rod. signal flags curtains, nautical flag valenceYou don't have to have actual curtains, or even a window, to hang these flags from a mounted rod. Just put the rod right onto the wall. It's up to you and what you'd like to see.

  • To order flags for a 1/4" café rod or other decorative rod, order "Horizontal Fabric Flags for Rope or Framing" on the order form, and choose ""No Rope for Framing" from the drop-down menu at the top of the details page (on the form).
  • To order the Valance flags, choose the "Valance Fabric Flags" item from the order form.

Curtain Rods Not Included

A valance shipment includes only the flags. They're designed to slide over a typical 3/4" curtain rod (not included), as you see at the far right. The pictured example happens to be a Mainstays curtain rod, but you can find something similar in any hardware or department store. They vary in length from 28" to 150" or more, and our flags will slide over them easily.

If you use a round, dowel- or tube-type rod for the Valance flags, it must be 1/2" or less in diameter. These types of rods also come in varying lengths. We can customize your casings, if you really need something with a wider rod sleeve, but the existing dimensions have a nice, proportionate look. Casings could go as wide as 2" or more, if needed, just let us know.

Feel free to email us with any questions you might have about all these numbers – they can be a little confusing to read. We want to accommodate your needs, not make things complicated.

How Many Flags per Window?

Each flag is 8" wide. Standard windows have a 2" frame around them, and tend to use a curtain rod that extends past the sides a little bit. You'll want to have some space between each flag, to make your message more easily readable. For example:


nautical signal flag valanceHere you can see five actual flags hanging on a rod that's extended to 44 inches. Note the amount of space between the flags. (Click to enlarge.)

You won't want to have too much space, but there should be about half an inch for separation. (We do a lot of Paint Shop Pro graphics modification for fun, so this below picture is "real," with no touching up except for the white letters. Your flags will arrive ironed and not wrinkled.)

  • If you want to make a longer valence, that's not a problem. We can supply as many flags as you'd like. You supply the hanging rod.

By the way, you aren't required to order a message that makes sense! We get orders from interior decorators looking for nautical flags based only on their colors and patterns. Feel free to play around with the signal flag translator and make a valance that fits your personal style.

  • For narrow windows, perhaps like in a bathroom, you can order three flags (even just one flag). Note that there is a minimum order charge.

lighthouse decor, boating theme flagsnautical theme interior decorHere you can see how a typical curtain rod slides through the casings at the top of the signal flags. Click on any image to view it larger, in a separate window.

We found this virtual room with vertical blinds painted to look like a wind-surfing regatta. It's just too cool to pass up, so we touched it up with one of our signal flag valances that spells "NAUTICAL." As you can see, 8 flags also work nicely for a typical patio door, with a little more space between the flags and at the ends.

nautical living room, signal flag valance for curtains

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