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This banner spells "Home"

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Your Initials or Family Name in a Signal Flags Wall Hanging

We originally sold only personalized signal flags banners, hanging from a rope like any other party banner. Then we realized that this can take up a whole lot of room! Not everyone wants a long outside banner hanging across their living room, office or den. So we invented vertical flag ladders.

These rope ladders are a unique design solution, allowing the signal flags to hang vertically. The ladders are perfect for hanging on a door or a wall. They also fit nicely into thin sections of wall where you only have about 9 inches of space, for example to the sides of picture windows or doorways.

The flags are the same 8" x 8" polyester-cotton signal flags we sell as party banners and nautical curtain valances. The main difference is that your message reads from top to bottom, rather than from left to right. Each flag also has a wider, 5/16" casing in order to fit over the rungs of the ladder.

You'll want to consider the length of a vertical banner. Allow about 1 foot per flag in length. Six flags are about six feet from top to bottom. A 6-flag banner would go from the top of a standard door, to a couple of inches above the floor.

A "welcome" banner is about 7 feet tall, and works well on a door as long as you hang it from the very top. If you use a wreath-hanger, 6 flags works better. On the other hand, if you have tall cathedral ceilings, you can put as many flags on a ladder as you want. We had one order with 14 flags! 

Ready to Hang!

Because of our invoicing system, we list the ladders as a separate line item. Just be sure to order 1 ladder for each overall vertical banner. It doesn't matter how many rungs, each ladder is still only $9.00. We'll build as many rungs as necessary to fit your message.

You let us know the letters you want, and we'll make the flags, build a ladder, and hang the flags. It's all set to hang, right out of the package. We include a 1-inch brass ring at the top, but you can remove it or use something else if you'd like. It's all put together using ordinary knots.

Click the link to the left to see some other examples of vertical banners. We have a lot of fun playing with Paint Shop Pro, and we'll find odd pictures where we can "insert" a banner. If you'd like to send us a picture of your banner, hanging in a real room, we would love to show it on our customer testimonials page!

Inside or Outside?

We make all our flags from high quality Kona cotton, with some polyester-cotton areas. They're "one sided," in that the back of the flags have a white cotton lining. We don't recommend using them in a saltwater ocean setting, but you'll have no trouble hanging them outside on your front door. The only problem with salt water is that when it dries, it leaves a salt residue. Treat our flags as you would any linen fabric item.

Wash or Dry Clean?

You can wash the flags in cold water and use a dryer's "delicate" cycle, as you would with any dress shirt. We do ask that you avoid using a dryer sheet (such as Bounce™). Some of the flags use a fuser (Steam-a-Seam™) for bonding. The company says that dryer sheets can loosen the bond, thereby damaging these two flags. We've washed our own copies of these flags repeatedly, and had no trouble at all with fading or the fuser.

These flags are certainly washable, but we're thinking it might be easier to dry clean them. It's not that the ladders are complicated, it's rather that you need to know a little about knots to take them apart and put them back together.

Although the ladders are formed with standard knots and whipping, they're somewhat problematic to take apart. You can loosen the top, hanging rope by pulling on the loop. Then, after removing the top flag, you can untie one side of the ladder and slide each flag off the PVC tube rungs. When they're dried, slide them back on and re-tie the knots on that side. Each flag has its alphabet letter stamped on the back so you'll know in what order to re-hang them.

signal flag tapestry spells OPEN

One of the problems we have with an online store is to show the actual size of our flags. Yes, we can say they're 8" x 8", but that doesn't really give you a solid impression.

Here we've taken a picture of a typical store and played with it in Paint Shop Pro. We know that each flag is about the same size as a person's face, so we've used that as our size gauge. 

This banner happens to spell "OPEN," as in Open for Business. It's a typical 4-flag vertical ladder and you can see the hanging rope at the top. The entire ladder would be approximately 4 feet from top to bottom.  You can approximate about 1 foot per flag, which will factor in the top hanging rope.

A ladder that would cover the full door, top to bottom, would have about 6 flags, although you could use 7 flags if the bottom can go almost right to the floor.

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