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Ordering Signal Flags

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Signal Flags

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Our current estimated shipping time is:

2 – 3 weeks.

Upon receipt of your order we will email you the specific date when we expect to ship your flags. Remember to add a few days for transit.  Following shipment, we'll email you a confirmation and tracking number.

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November 2015

UPS offers guaranteed Christmas delivery if shipped by December 15.

To ship your order by 12/15/2015, please be sure to order no later than November 30, 2015

Placing an Order

Horizontal Rope Banners

Vertical Hanging Ladders

Window Curtain Valance Flags

Picture Frame Flags

Ordering Heart Flags

Bulk Orders & Large Quantities

Although we're pleased that our flags are growing in popularity, we're a very small company and limited as to how many flags we can produce each week. If you are ordering more than 10 flags, please email us first with your message letters. We'll email you with our expected shipping time, based on your flags.

Choose your flags in whatever combination you'd like, in whatever letters, number pennants or banner styles. We have a $45 minimum order charge, and accept MasterCard or VISA credit or debit cards. The minimum order charge applies to the overall order, not to each banner. Each flag is made individually, by hand at the time of your order, according to your message(s). Our flags are entirely separate, not stuck together or sewn together in a permanent arrangement. Because these are handcrafted flags, we do not offer quantity discounts.

We also take seriously our commitment to quality service and flags, and that includes our expectation of shipping within the above production timeframe. Periodically, we close our site to new orders when we reach our capacity to fulfill existing orders. If you bookmark this site and come back to see that we're temporarily not taking orders, we'll be listing the date for new orders in the above info box.

We offer Free Shipping to anywhere in the USA.
Please see our Shipping & Returns policy below.)

If you have ANY questions, or need help with ordering, please feel free to email us.


NOTE: Before we make your flags, we will email you with a verification of your order, and to
make sure that we understand exactly what you want to spell.

International Orders — Please Email

Due to the many variables associated with pricing, time, Customs, local fees or taxes, and logistics involved in shipping overseas, please email us directly for international orders. We will let you know the following:

  • How long it will take to make your flags,
  • What are the additional international shipping charges for your order, and 
  • How long the US Postal Service (USPS) expects for delivery to your country (often 6 – 10 days). 

We then will invoice you for the total amount, should you choose to place your order.

After we ship, your package will have a Web-accessible USPS tracking code. When the system lets us know that your package has arrived in your country and cleared local Customs, we have completed our end of the transaction.

  We cannot be responsible for unexpected fees or delays added by foreign mail-delivery systems outside the United States.  

Horizontal Rope BannersBuy nautical flags banners on rope

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Your message will read left-to-right, with the flags matching the letters as you have them typed in the order form.  Flags are hung on 1/4" rope (included). Each flag is separated by a small overhand knot. Multiple words are separated by a 5" space. Please be sure to specify the TOTAL number of flags, even if you order multiple banners. Use the "Special Instructions" in the order form to let us know if you want multi-word banners on separate pieces of rope. Otherwise, your entire order will be on 1 piece of rope.

  • First 3 flags $45
  • 4 or more flags $15.00 each
  • Flags on each banner are strung on included rope, ready to hang
  • All rope for each banner is included at no additional charge
  • Use "Special Instructions" or email us regarding multi-word banners.

Note:   Estimate approximately11 inches per flag. Contact us with a specific banner (single word or many words) and we can tell you the final width within about 1", including end loops on the rope. The actual length may be shorter if you allow the rope to "sag" a little in the middle. These flags use a 1" casing. Each banner is shipped ready to hang.

Frameable Flags

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We offer individual flags without rope, suitable for framing. These are the same flags as in a horizontal rope banner, just without the usually included rope. The casings are the 1" width, and the overall flag (including casing) measures 9" top to bottom, and 8" side to side. For the "A" and "B" they are 10" top to bottom. When ordering, choose the same Horizontal Flags option, and let us know in the "Banner Type" dropdown field that you don't want the rope.

Some of our customers have ordered a rope banner for a celebration, a wedding, for example and later, would like to keep some of the flags in frames. You can remove each flag from its included rope, then frame the flag in your own frame. If your rope banner doesn't have all the letters you want (e.g., perhaps the initials for a wedding couple), you can order the extra flags with your horizontal banner order or at a future time. E-mail us and we'll work out all the details.

Vertical Hanging LaddersNautical wall hanging coastal tapestry

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Your message will read top-to-bottom, with the first letter you type in the message area of the order form being at the top. The next letter typed will be the next flag down on the ladder, following in order. For example: JOE will have "J" at the top, "O" in the middle, and "E" at the bottom.

  • Each vertical banner requires 1 $9.00 ladder per banner.
  • First 2 flags $36.00 (plus $9 required ladder = $45 total)
  • 3 or more flags $15.00 each (plus $9 required ladder)
  • Vertical banners are ready to hang, including all flags, ladder (rungs and rope), and a 1" hanging ring

Note:   Overall banner height, with top area included, is approximately 12" per flag. For example, a 4-letter vertical banner is about 48" from the very top ring, to the bottom edge of the last flag. (Vertical ladder examples.)

Window Curtain Valance FlagsNautical window treatment valence

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Your message will read left-to-right, the same as the word(s) you type into the message area of the order form. Valance flags are shipped without rope. You slide the flags over a standard curtain rod. The casings are wider (1-5/16") to accommodate an ordinary curtain rod (up to 3/4" diameter or thickness). Curtain rods are not included.

  • First 3 flags $45
  • 4 or more flags $15.00 each

Note:  5 flags fit well in 44" with about a 1/2" space between them. 9 flags work well with a 72" patio door. The flags are 8" wide, so to calculate for your curtain rod width, use 8-½" time the number of flags, plus about 4" for left and right window frame space (about 2" each). Also note that with an odd-number message, you'll want to consider the center support.

Example using 5 flags: 8.5" x 5 flags =  42.5"  + 1" left window frame + 1" right window frame = 46.5" (Assume a 2" wide window frame with curtain rod bracket in the middle of the frame.)

nautical heart signal flag

Special Note - Heart Flags

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We sell two special "heart" flags that don't exist in the formal maritime specifications for signal flags. Our intent was to offer people the option of a shorthand "loves" flag, much like you see on bumper stickers and other graphic signs. Because we make our own flags, we can offer either a red heart on white background, or a white heart on a red background.

Whenever you order one of these flags, since they don't have a "letter" designation, do the following:

  1. Include each heart flag as 1 additional flag
  2. Use the "Special Instructions" on the order form
  3. Let us know where the heart should go, in which banner (if you're ordering more than one).
  4. Tell us which color heart you want on which background flag(s)

For example: "JOHN (loves) MARY" = an order of 9 flags. "John" is four flags, "Mary" is four flags, and the "heart" representing the word "loves" is 1 additional flag. 

If you have any questions, please email us, and we'll be happy to work it all out with you. Don't worry! If your instructions aren't quite clear, we'll email you before you pay any money to make sure we understand everything completely.

I love you flag

Gift Messages

You can include a personalized message for each banner at no extra charge. When you go to the order form:

  • First order your flags.
  • Enter the total number of flags for each category.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the order form
  • Enter the number of gift messages, based on how many banners you're ordering.

When you continue to the next step, you'll see fields for each banner name (what the flags spell). There's room for up to 4 banners.

You'll then see a place for each gift message you've indicated by Quantity. Each message has a "banner name" field, so we can properly assign the message to the banner.

  • Be sure to include a "From" line with your message (and a "To" if applicable). We'll be sending the flags in a package, along with a small greeting card enclosed in an envelope, with your message printed inside the card. If there's no "From" on the message, the recipient won't know who sent the message.

We will include a verification of your message when we send you a confirmation email regarding your order. If you have any questions or need further clarification, just send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

Placing an Order

Verfied by for secure online payments.

As of November 2013 Google Wallet-Checkout no longer applies to our Web site. Instead, you can use a MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card to make a payment. 

Clicking the "Order" button will take you to our PrestoSell order form. Be sure to enter the total number of flags you want as the "Quantity" on the first page. 

On the second page of the order form, you'll be entering the particular letters you want for each banner you'd like to order. You also will find a "Special Instructions" field for additional notes you'd like us to see.

At any given time, you can email us for help or with any questions at all about ordering our flags.

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To contact us directly, email us at for a quote, or if you have any questions.

To go directly to our order form, click here:

Online Orders Only

We accept MasterCard or VISA credit or debit cards.

To keep our costs as low as possible, we don't take credit card numbers over the phone. We also don't accept checks or money orders.

We no longer can accept PayPal payments, due to the changes eBay has implemented to their PayPal policies. We are a small company, and our handling and returns policy must be ours, not someone else's. Our policies are clearly stated below.

UPS Can't Deliver to P.O. Boxes or APO Addresses

We generally try to ship via UPS Ground. UPS can't deliver to military APO addresses or to P.O. boxes, so we use the US Postal Service instead.

When you provide your "Ship To" address, be advised that if it's a military address or a P.O. box, we'll ship through the post office. If it's overseas, we'll also use the US Postal Service. Email us if you need faster delivery with expedited shipping, and we'll invoice you for the special additional charges.

Re-Ordering Flags

The exception to our minimum order policy is if you need to re-order a flag for some reason, or to add to a previous order. One example might be that one or two flags have been chewed up by a pet or stained in some way. Just email and let us know that you've ordered from us before. We'll look up your information and you can purchase flags individually.

  • For 1 – 3 replacement flags, the charge is $15.00 per flag plus shipping via US Post Office. We'll invoice you directly.
  • 4 or more replacement flags qualify for free shipping and constitute a regular order; just use our normal order form.

Shipping & Returns Policy

  • All ordinary shipping costs are included for orders going to anywhere in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and to military APO addresses.
  • If you are shipping a gift or drop-shipping to an address other than your Ship To address, we will confirm your instructions at the time of your order.
  • For unusual shipping requirements (e.g., expedited, overnight) please contact us, and we will invoice you directly according to your needs or for additional shipping costs not included in our order form.
  • International Orders: Please email us and we'll invoice you directly. Customs regulations, carrier access and shipping costs vary significantly, depending on your country.


We do not accept returns excepting for flags damaged in shipping or with flaws in manufacturing. Each flag is custom created for each order and we cannot take them back. If you have ANY questions at all, be sure to email us and we'll be happy to work with you prior to your order, toward your complete satisfaction.

Detailed Shipping & Return Policy

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