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March 2017:  Fabric flags are currently closed:

Temporarily Closed to New Orders.

We are not taking flag orders at the moment, but will post our expected ship dates when we re-open the site to new orders. Hopefully, in a few weeks.

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Free Shipping for Orders over $35, anywhere in the United States
Orders less than $35 add an additional $7 shipping.

BZ Award Color Print 
Includes 1 BZ gift card and envelope per print

$14.95 each
plus $7 shipping

Ships within 5 business days.

1-2 prints include additional $7 shipping charge.
3 or more ship free.
All orders over $35 are Free Shipping.

Horizontal or Frameable Flags

$15 each

Rope banners ship ready to hang, including the rope.

8" x 8" flags plus a 1" casing. Pre-strung on included 1/4" rope.
Letters "A" and "B" are 8" x 9" plus casing
Number pennants 0-9 are 8" x 12" plus casing

Window Valance Flags

$15 each
(no rope, wider casing)

Same as Horizontal-Frameable but wit 1-5/16" casing to slide over standard 3/4" curtain rod

Vertical Flag Banners
(Each vertical banner requires a ladder)

$36 for first 2 flags
$15 each for 3 or more flags

All vertical flag banners are pre-hung on accompanying ladder.
Each individual banner requires its own ladder

Ladders - Each banner requires 1 ladder

$9 each

Each $9 ladder can be any number of rungs, any length ladder. 

Complimentary nautical gift cards 

No additional charge

If you'd like your banner(s) sent with a gift card, enter the number of gift cards and fill in the To:, From; and message. Messages are assigned to specific banners.

Before we make your flags, we will email you with a verification of your order, and to make sure that we understand exactly what you want to spell.
If you have ANY questions, or need help with ordering, please feel free to email us.


1. What is a banner or banner style?
2. Are these flags separate or stuck together?
3. Can these flags be put outside? Are they washable?
4. Ordering heart flags
5. International orders
6. What about quantity discounts?
7. Details on placing an order
8. Shipping & Returns Policy

If you have a deadline, please email us before placing your order.
In some instances, we can meet various deadlines depending upon our current orders.
There is an expedited order surcharge as well as additional shipping charges.

What is a banner or banner style?

A "banner" is a series of flags. Choose your flags in whatever combination you'd like, in whatever letters, number pennants or banner styles. A "banner style" means horiztonal, vertical, valance, frameable, or paper. We accept MasterCard or VISA cards. The minimum order fee applies to the overall order, not to each banner. (Top)

Are these flags separate or stuck together?

Our flags are entirely separate, not stuck together or sewn together in a permanent arrangement. Because these are handcrafted flags, we do not offer quantity discounts.  (Top)

Can these flags be put outside? Are they washable?

We make all our flags from high quality Kona cotton, with some polyester-cotton areas. They're "one sided," in that the back of the flags have a white cotton lining. We don't recommend using them in a saltwater ocean setting, but you'll have no trouble hanging them outside on your front door. The only problem with salt water is that when it dries, it leaves a salt residue. Treat our flags as you would any linen fabric item.

You can wash the flags in cold water and use a dryer's "delicate" cycle, as you would with any dress shirt. We do ask that you avoid using a dryer sheet (such as Bounce™). Some of the flags use a fuser (Steam-a-Seam™) for bonding. The company says that dryer sheets can loosen the bond, thereby damaging these two flags. We've washed our own copies of these flags repeatedly, and had no trouble at all with fading or the fuser.

Although the flags are washable, it might be easier to dry clean them. For vertical banners it's not that the ladders are complicated, it's rather that you need to know a little about knots to take them apart and put them back together.

Ladders are formed with standard knots and whipping, but they're somewhat problematic to take apart. You can loosen the top, hanging rope by pulling on the loop. Then, after removing the top flag, you can untie one side of the ladder and slide each flag off the PVC tube rungs. When they're dried, slide them back on and re-tie the knots on that side. Each flag has its alphabet letter stamped on the back so you'll know in what order to re-hang them.  (Top)

International orders

Due to the many variables associated with pricing, time, Customs, local fees or taxes, and logistics involved in shipping overseas, please email us directly for international orders. We will let you know the following:

  • How long it will take to make your flags,
  • What are the additional international shipping charges for your order, and 
  • How long the US Postal Service (USPS) expects for delivery to your country (often 6 – 10 days). 

We then will invoice you for the total amount, should you choose to place your order.

After we ship, your package will have a Web-accessible USPS tracking code. When the system lets us know that your package has arrived in your country and cleared local Customs, we have completed our end of the transaction.  (Top)

  We cannot be responsible for unexpected fees or delays added by foreign mail-delivery systems outside the United States.  

What about quantity discounts?

Our fabric flags are hand-crafted and each one is made at the time it's ordered. All our products are made here in the USA, and we don't mass-produce the flags. For that reason, we try to keep our prices affordable, and can't offer quantity discounts.

The print versions of the flags are priced for quantity purchasing and other than a small shipping charge for very small orders, have no additional discounts.  (Top)

Special Note - Heart Flags


nautical heart signal flag

We sell two special "heart" flags that don't exist in the formal maritime specifications for signal flags. Our intent was to offer people the option of a shorthand "loves" flag, much like you see on bumper stickers and other graphic signs. Because we make our own flags, we can offer either a red heart on white background, or a white heart on a red background.

Whenever you order one of these flags, since they don't have a "letter" designation, do the following:

  1. Count each heart flag as 1 additional flag in the total number of flags you'll order
  2. In the "Banner" field, use an * (asterisk) or (loves) to indicate a heart
    Example: "JOHN * MARY" or "JOHN (loves) MARY"
  3. Use  the "Special Instructions"  to verify (repeat) where the heart should go, in which banner (if you're ordering more than one).
  4. Tell us which color heart you want on which background flag(s).
    Example: "red heart on white flag for john and mary," or words to that effect.
  5. We'll email you if we don't see which color you want for the heart, but if we don't hear back from you, we'll make a Red Heart on a White Background (by default).

For example: "JOHN (loves) MARY" = an order of 9 flags. "John" is four flags, "Mary" is four flags, and the "heart" representing the word "loves" is 1 additional flag. 

If you have any questions, please email us, and we'll be happy to work it all out with you. Don't worry! If your instructions aren't quite clear, we'll email you before you pay any money to make sure we understand everything completely. 

I love you flag

Placing an Order


Verfied by for secure online payments.

Clicking the "Order" button will take you to our PrestoSell order form. Be sure to enter the total number of flags you want as the "Quantity" on the first page. 

On the second page of the order form, you'll be entering the particular letters you want for each banner you'd like to order. You also will find a "Special Instructions" field for additional notes you'd like us to see.

At any given time, you can email us for help or with any questions at all about ordering our flags.

To contact us directly, email us at for a quote, or if you have any questions.

Online Orders Only


We accept MasterCard or VISA credit or debit cards.

To keep our costs as low as possible, we don't take credit card numbers over the phone. We also don't accept checks or money orders.

We no longer can accept PayPal payments, due to the changes eBay has implemented to their PayPal policies. We are a small company, and our handling and returns policy must be ours, not someone else's. Our policies are clearly stated below.

UPS Can't Deliver to P.O. Boxes or APO Addresses

We generally try to ship via UPS Ground. UPS can't deliver to military APO addresses or to P.O. boxes, so we use the US Postal Service instead.

When you provide your "Ship To" address, be advised that if it's a military address or a P.O. box, we'll ship through the post office. If it's overseas, we'll also use the US Postal Service. Email us if you need faster delivery with expedited shipping, and we'll invoice you for the special additional charges.

Re-Ordering Flags

The exception to our minimum order policy is if you need to re-order a flag for some reason, or to add to a previous order. One example might be that one or two flags have been chewed up by a pet or stained in some way. Just email and let us know that you've ordered from us before. We'll look up your information and you can purchase flags individually.

  • For 1 – 3 replacement flags, the charge is $15.00 per flag plus shipping via US Post Office. We'll invoice you directly.
  • 4 or more replacement flags qualify for free shipping and constitute a regular order; just use our normal order form.

Shipping & Returns Policy

  • All ordinary shipping costs are included for orders going to anywhere in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and to military APO addresses.
  • If you are shipping a gift or drop-shipping to an address other than your Ship To address, we will confirm your instructions at the time of your order.
  • For unusual shipping requirements (e.g., expedited, overnight) please contact us, and we will invoice you directly according to your needs or for additional shipping costs not included in our order form.
  • International Orders: Please email us and we'll invoice you directly. Customs regulations, carrier access and shipping costs vary significantly, depending on your country.

Detailed Shipping & Return Policy

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We do not accept returns excepting for flags damaged in shipping or with flaws in manufacturing. Each flag is custom created for each order and we cannot take them back. If you have ANY questions at all, be sure to email us and we'll be happy to work with you prior to your order, toward your complete satisfaction.