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August 2014

Horizontal Rope Banners

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Your message will read left-to-right, with the flags matching the letters as you have them typed in the order form.  Flags are hung on 1/4" rope (included). Each flag is separated by a small overhand knot. Multiple words are separated by a 5" space. Please be sure to specify the TOTAL number of flags, even if you order multiple banners. Use the "Special Instructions" in the order form to let us know if you want multi-word banners on separate pieces of rope. Otherwise, your entire order will be on 1 piece of rope.

  • First 3 flags $45
  • 4 or more flags $15.00 each
  • Flags on each banner are strung on included rope, ready to hang
  • All rope for each banner is included at no additional charge
  • Use "Special Instructions" or email us regarding multi-word banners.

Note:   Estimate approximately11 inches per flag. Contact us with a specific banner (single word or many words) and we can tell you the final width within about 1", including end loops on the rope. The actual length may be shorter if you allow the rope to "sag" a little in the middle. These flags use a 1" casing. Each banner is shipped ready to hang.

Frameable Flags

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We offer individual flags without rope, suitable for framing. These are the same flags as in a horizontal rope banner, just without the usually included rope. The casings are the 1" width, and the overall flag (including casing) measures 9" top to bottom, and 8" side to side. For the "A" and "B" they are 10" top to bottom. When ordering, choose the same Horizontal Flags option, and let us know in the "Banner Type" dropdown field that you don't want the rope.

Some of our customers have ordered a rope banner for a celebration, a wedding, for example and later, would like to keep some of the flags in frames. You can remove each flag from its included rope, then frame the flag in your own frame. If your rope banner doesn't have all the letters you want (e.g., perhaps the initials for a wedding couple), you can order the extra flags with your horizontal banner order or at a future time. E-mail us and we'll work out all the details.

Vertical Hanging Ladders

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Your message will read top-to-bottom, with the first letter you type in the message area of the order form being at the top. The next letter typed will be the next flag down on the ladder, following in order. For example: JOE will have "J" at the top, "O" in the middle, and "E" at the bottom.

  • Each vertical banner requires 1 $9.00 ladder per banner.
  • First 2 flags $36.00 (plus $9 required ladder = $45 total)
  • 3 or more flags $15.00 each (plus $9 required ladder)
  • Vertical banners are ready to hang, including all flags, ladder (rungs and rope), and a 1" hanging ring

Note:   Overall banner height, with top area included, is approximately 12" per flag. For example, a 4-letter vertical banner is about 48" from the very top ring, to the bottom edge of the last flag. (Vertical ladder examples.)

Window Curtain Valance Flags

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Your message will read left-to-right, the same as the word(s) you type into the message area of the order form. Valance flags are shipped without rope. You slide the flags over a standard curtain rod. The casings are wider (1-5/16") to accommodate an ordinary curtain rod (up to 3/4" diameter or thickness). Curtain rods are not included.

  • First 3 flags $45
  • 4 or more flags $15.00 each

Note:  5 flags fit well in 44" with about a 1/2" space between them. 9 flags work well with a 72" patio door. The flags are 8" wide, so to calculate for your curtain rod width, use 8-½" time the number of flags, plus about 4" for left and right window frame space (about 2" each). Also note that with an odd-number message, you'll want to consider the center support.

Example using 5 flags: 8.5" x 5 flags =  42.5"  + 1" left window frame + 1" right window frame = 46.5" (Assume a 2" wide window frame with curtain rod bracket in the middle of the frame.)

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