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Horizontal Rope Banners

Party Banners in 8" X 8" Signal Flags

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Signal Flags

Commercial signal flags have size designations, with "size 0" usually meaning a 12x15" rectangle. To our way of thinking, this may be great for a big boat, but it's a bit too large for home decorations. We've also found that many signal flag alphabet sets are sold as single, stuck-together strands. Our flags are sold separately, each one being individually machine-stitched fabric!

Each flag has its own casing (or "heading"), and is designed to slide over a rope, a curtain rod, or the rungs of our unique hanging ladders, depending on what you order. Our flags are one-sided, with a white back and are not designed to hang outside from a halyard.

Nautical Signal Flags on a Rope Banner

Your Message in Maritime Code Flags

The above banner spells "YOUR MESSAGE" in code flags, and it's just over 5 feet long from loop to loop. We include a complimentary length of rope with each horizontal banner, but you can easily replace it. For example, say you're having a reunion and you want to hang the family's name banner between two trees 40 feet apart. No problem! The casings are wide enough to slide over typical clothesline or other 1/4" rope. Each flag has it's English letter printed on the back, so you can keep them in order.

Flag banner separator knotsAs you can see (click to enlarge the image on the left), the knots between each flag are simple overhand knots, and you either can untie them, or slip the flags over the knots to take them off the rope. The loops on each end are "bowline" knots, easily untied. All this makes it easy to slide the flags onto a longer piece of rope that will reach as far as you want. 


Spell Names & Words

You'll also notice that the "YOUR MESSAGE" banner above is two words with a space between them. Flags in single words are separated by a small knot. Whole words are separated by about 5" of rope. If you'd like, we also can divide a multi-word message into separate banners, putting each word on its own length of rope. An example of this might be a "Welcome Home" banner, with "Welcome" being on one piece of rope, and "Home" being on another. It's completely up to you, just email us or use the Special Instructions on our order form to let us know your preference. The rope comes with the banner at no extra charge.

Rope or Curtain Rod?

Signal flags make a great addition to a nautical bedroom, and there's that "secret message" aspect that's so much fun. We get a lot of orders for nurseries and children's bedroom banners, what with the colors being so bright and basic. One of the natural effects of gravity on a rope banner, is that a length of rope tends to sag in the middle. An alternate option is to use a thin, café rod.

Our valance flags have a wider 1-5/16" casing, designed to be slipped over a standard curtain rod. But in this instance, you can use the 1" casing used for rope banners, and slide the flags over the thinner curtain rod or a dowel instead. You don't have to have actual curtains or even a window, to hang these flags from a mounted rod. Just put the rod right onto the wall.

It's up to you and what you'd like to see. If you want to use the flags with a café rod or other decorative rod, just let us know. Depending on its diameter, you can order the 1-inch casing (horizontal flags), or the 1-5/16" casing (window treatment flags).

Any type of hooks work with a rope banner, since the flags weigh so little. You can use screw-in hooks, those stick-on removable 3M hooks, or some small nails. Here are two examples of the same banner ("LON") where you can see the difference in the top edge alignment.

maritime code flags bannersignal flag nautical theme child's roomNote the slight dip in the middle of the rope banner to the left. This works nicely for a sort of celebration feel. On the other hand, if you want a more straight-edge look, the image on the right shows the same flags with a thin sash rod.

Visit the flag translator page to experiment with your own message.
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