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Nautical Signal Flags on a Rope Banner

A "banner" is a series of flags on a length of rope. You can order multiple banners, or split a multi-word message on separate pieces of rope. The above message spells "YOUR MESSAGE" in code flags. It's a multi-word banner, just over 5 feet long from loop to loop.

  • Unless otherwise instructed, we will string the flags with a 5" space between words.

8" x 8" Signal Flags on Included Rope

Horizontal flag banner separator knotsThe above banner could have been strung on two pieces of rope: "YOUR" on one, and "MESSAGE" on another. No charge for the rope. Each banner comes pre-strung on its own rope, unless you say otherwise in the Special Instructions (on the order form). Each flag has it's English letter printed on the back, so you can keep them in order.

The casings are wide enough to slide over typical clothesline or other 1/4" rope. As you can see, the knots between each flag are simple overhand knots. You either can untie them, or slip the flags over the knots to take them off the rope. The loops on each end are "bowline" knots, easily untied. All this makes it easy to slide the flags onto a longer piece of rope or remove the rope entirely. For special lengths, email us and we can string your order on a longer rope.

Ordering Horizontal Rope Banners

Specify the TOTAL number of horizontal flags, even if you order multiple banners.

  • Use the "Banner" field in the order form to specify the flags in each banner.
  • Each banner arrives pre-strung on its own 1/4" rope, ready to hang
  • Loops are 4" long, with a 5" additional space before the first and after the last flag.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, we separate words with a 5" space.
  • Use "Special Instructions" or email us regarding multi-word banners.

Your message will read left-to-right, with the flags matching the letters you request in the order form. Use the "Special Instructions" in the order form to let us know if you want multi-word banners on separate pieces of rope. Otherwise, your entire order will be on 1 piece of rope.

Note:   Estimate approximately 11 inches per flag for banner length. Contact us with a specific banner (single word or many words) and we can tell you the final width within about 1", including end loops on the rope. The actual length may be shorter if you allow the rope to "sag" a little in the middle. These flags use a 1" casing. Each banner is shipped ready to hang.

Frameable Flags

We offer individual flags without rope, suitable for framing. These are the same flags as in a horizontal rope banner, just without the included rope. The casings are the 1" width, and the overall flag (including casing) measures 9" top to bottom, and 8" side to side. For the "A" and "B" they are 10" top to bottom.

Note:  Frameable flags have a 1" casing that can ALSO be hung on a thin café rod or dowel. You might do this on a wall where you want a straight edge along the top of the flags. For more on this, see our Window Valances page.

  • When ordering Frameable Flags, choose the Horizontal Flags option on the order form.
  • Select "No Rope for Framing" from the dropdown box near the top of the details section.

Visit the flag translator page to experiment with your own message.

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