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What do my words look like in signal flags?

What you'll see (vertical)
Typical vertical orientation of online flags pictures
The way our flags look hanging horizontally
IB Designs USA signal flags horizontal orientation

We don't have our own translator at the moment, being a small company. However, we found this Web-based program from Marine, that translates regular letters into signal flags.

Before you go there via the link below, make a note of two things:

  1. The flags you'll see are oriented vertically. Their casing is to the left, with the flag "hanging" to the right.

    Our flags are designed to hang horizontally, with the casing and rope at the top. They're exactly the same patterns, just rotated 90-degrees clockwise. (Tilt your head to the left and you'll see.)

  2. To see two or more words in a row, use a hyphen ( - ) between each word.

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This is the way our flags look, hanging downward from a rope or a vertical ladder run.
You'll see they're the same patterns, just turned to the right.

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