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When we started this business back in 2004, we could envision people using our flags to decorate an outdoor party or perhaps a reception hall. Then we came up with the idea for vertical flag tapestry banners for places with less room. Our window treatment valances have been very popular, as well, and we'd love to see how everyone's using these banners. Feel free to email us some pictures, and we'll put them up here on our Wall of Fame.

Bed and Breakfast signal flag name

One of our first banners, back in 2006

"The Klein Inn"

We were just getting started, thinking that people who wanted to decorate a bed and breakfast room might like a nautical bedroom theme. Lindsay was kind enough to send us this picture of their guest bedroom.

Hi Kathy,
I searched to find nautical flags (commercially they average $20 each) and your company had something else listed (a party banner) but I saw that you did custom work so I clicked on your company icon. Voila! Love the banner!

Lindsay H.
Orange Park, FL

We never did get pictures from the wedding, but Erin was kind enough to email us when they received the banner. This picture is a composite we created in Paint Shop Pro (PSP) so they could see what it would look like during the ordering process.

Nautical wedding banner

"Erin And Vin"


Nautical signal flags gift

"Fort King"


Along with our rope banners, we sell nautical window valances, designed to be a nice home accent for any room with a marine decor. The below valence shows only "GUEST" and is used in a guest room with a nautical theme. But Joan originally ordered "Guest Room" with one of our unique "heart" flags. 

Oh my gosh! My flags arrived today and I can't believe how amazing they look. I brought them to work today to show them off and everyone was totally blown away! Thank you so much! I can't wait to send pictures!

The ceremony is outdoors on a lawn overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. We are hanging the flags on a large white lattice arbor outside. While most of the reception is indoors, people will be free to hang out along the water. In other words, the flags will be a part of both!

Thanks Again!
Erin C.
Olney, MD

Ebony and her dad always are looking for unusual Christmas gifts, hopefully along the lines of a nautical design. He's in Australia, and she was kind enough to take some pictures of the "Fort King" banner, over the holidays.

Hi Kathy.

My dad loved his flag banner. They've put it up in the pool area. Last week they went to a record attempt for number of boats all going round in a circle, so he hung the flags on the boat for the  occasion. Photos attached......

London, United Kingdom


We get a lot of orders for nurseries and children's rooms, but we don't often get photographs. The below banner is a graphic of a set of flags we did for a nautical nursery.


Signal Flag valance for baby's room

The banner looks so great-- we are thrilled!  It is going to be perfect in our new baby's room.  Thank you so much!

Emily S.
Merion Station, PA

We were honored to create a banner for a display of history for a reunion of the sailors who served on the USS England destroyer escort during WWII, with the call sign NTQJ. They were and are heroes, and the ship received a Presidential Citation.

Destroyer USS England call sign NTQJ

The USS England WWII Destroyer-Escort

Done and thank you. You have no idea what this will mean to the guys. No one remembered from 63 years ago when USS England was scrapped.
Kathy, I received them today. They will work perfectly. I left positive feedback.
Dublin, OH

Following the reunion, we received this note:

Kathy, they worked out great! One of the last remaining signalman knew what they meant as soon as he saw them. They were perfect in size as they matched the scaled down scoreboard showing six enemy submarines and three enemy planes. The scaled down score board is on the podium. I also had her number 7 Ensign (US Flag) on display in the back ground. All crew and family members of deceased crew received the Combat Action Ribbon for individual bravery. England is the only ship in the history of the U.S. Navy to be awarded individual medals for valor as a unit. It was awesome. .


nautical window valance home accent

Hi Kathy,
I promised I would send you a picture of our Nautical guest room. The boxes are finally opened and the room is now completed.

I love my cheerful sunny room and your beautiful flags spelling out "guest room" and heart is a favorite of mine.Every morning as I sit there I feel like I am non vacation by the sea.All my pictures and decoration in the room are nautical.

Thank you Kathy I hope your business will be WILDLY successful!

Joan M.
Cumming, GA

"Sorry it took so long.  I totally forgot to write back on this. If you haven't put up the picture and comment go ahead and put it on your site.  Everyone loves it and thinks it's a really cool idea for his room. I'll put a picture in again just in case you need it. Thanks again and I'll try to get some more business your way from some of my Navy buddies."

James T.
Cedar Rapids, IA

nautical nursery decoration banner


coastal decor nautical nursery signal flags

"A few months ago I ordered the flags to spell Easton....we LOVE grandson Easton is now here and his nursery is just precious....the flags are just the perfect "little something different" that adds to the room.  I am attaching a picture of it hanging ....Thanks so much for a quality product!"

Patty H.
Columbia, SC

When you sell any kind of item, particularly through a commercial retail store, it's not often that you get to hear the story behind the item. One of the most satisfying aspects of being a small, online company is that we do hear from our customers.

Leigh's story, below, is a beautiful and poignant one, and speaks to the many war heroes who formed one of the great generations of our times. We don't have a picture of the shadowbox arrangement, but the flags that spell "GRANDPA" look like this.

signal flags spell Grandpa


Just wanted to let you know that the flags are awesome and a big hit with my 15-year-old son!!  Thank you very much for such a great idea!

Tammy B.
Lothian, MD


Hello. I wanted to let you know that I received the flags, this afternoon. I am impressed by their quality! fabulous colors!

A little background, on why I ordered them. My Dad served in the Navy, during WWII. His ship was struck by a Kamikaze plane, and caught fire. My Dad was awarded the Bronze Star for bravery, as he had carried loads of ammunition away to safety, while the fire engulfed the area.

He is now 83 years old; don't know if he will live to Memorial Day or not? I am making a very large shadow box, with artifacts from the day of the Kamikaze attack.

While researching the Internet, to learn as much as possible about his naval service, I discovered your Web site. I thought that it would be a great tribute to my Dad to have the signal flags hanging over the shadow box on the wall (spelling Grandpa). I think that it will be emotional time for him, and me!

I am planning on completing this project, next week, and present it, to him. I would wait until his favorite day of the year-Memorial Day-but I can't be certain that he will still be alive then?

I hope that my Dad's health "holds out", until Memorial Day. I have brother/sisters who live in Alabama/Ohio. For several years, the annual reunion at my Dad's house, was for Memorial Day. The Fort Custer National Cemetery is about 15 miles away; we all would attend the events held there. With his failing health, this definitely will be his last opportunity to attend.

I am using the signal flags, as a tribute to my Dad, from the many grandchildren. That is why I selected the message of -GRANDPA- for my flag order. I know that it will be an emotional moment, when I explain the meaning of the flags, to everyone. I intend on passing on this display to my own twin daughters, some day, to help keep Dad's military career, alive.

Leigh F.
Vicksburg, Michigan

decorating a child's bedroom

Dear Kathy,
Thank you so much for the BENS ROOM signal flag banner you made for our grandson. He is thrilled with it and proudly told me he could "read it." He said it's his best birthday present ever! It was the hit of his party.

Terry O.

Dad received his Father's Day gift right on time, and he's so happy about it.. Whoo.. Hooo... He first said, "Oooh.. I hope I won't be in a position to use the ladder.. ha! ha! - meaning an emergency." Then I said, I forgot what type of material it is made of, yet, it cannot be in severe weather. Dad knew right away what it was and even said, "I really like my ladder."

After tossing some ideas around, Dad said, "It's going in my fishing room." Dad has a fishing room and Mom has a sewing room.

This is the feedback I would like to leave on your behalf:

Professionalism at it's FINEST! Extremely detailed-oriented and excels in distinction! Top-Notch quality product and I highly recommend this Superior Seller.  Sales, Service and Product Perfection! Fast shipment. THANK YOU!

Dad said my Sister knew what it spelled, yet, my Mom was unsure. As you can tell - I'm happy-happy joy-joy over it all!  Got 'em. No socks for Dad this year. lol...

I can't thank you enough for everything. I will be eternally grateful.  WOW!

Nancy S.
Tampa Bay, Florida

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