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Some Examples of our Wall Hanging Banners

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We found this picture of a fine apartment overlooking the ocean. This banner spells "L.O.N.," which could be a name or someone's initials.

Another great use for a wall-hanging is in a bar, rec room, or cocktail lounge. They lend themselves perfectly to a nautical theme. This one actually spells "B.A.R." We can make horizontal banners just as easily, perhaps for "food," "drinks," "cocktails," or whatever other words.

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Do you have a nautical-theme room, maybe a child's room or bed and breakfast? Or any room, really, where you have a motif involving the ocean, boats, or lighthouses? This banners spells "R.Z.A." (Perhaps Robert Zachariah Anderson?)

Kids love secret messages, and here's a way for them to have their name or their initials in a navy signal flag banner. These initials are "W.O.L.," maybe for William Oscar Lipman?

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We just couldn't resist this one! How many times did your mom yell at you, "Close the door! You live in a barn or something?" Well, here's someone who apparently lives in the ocean. And their initials are "D.N.L."

Here's one of our banners spelling "FLAGS," used to decorate the outside portico for a house. The flags are washable, in cold water, although it's a bit of a chore to unstring them. Then again, you could hang them from a door hanger instead of a wreath.

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We sell many banners to parents wanting a nautical theme for their children. Here's a fine-looking bedroom set with a vertical banner spelling "W.O.L." We also make horizontal banners, where we can spell whole names and words, extending out farther than a vertical wall hanging.

Below, are the flags we make. We've added the two "heart" flags, thinking perhaps some folks would like them as an option. Of course they're not really US Navy signal flags, but who knows...maybe someday?

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