Vertical Hanging Ladder & Signal Flags

We've created a unique wall hanging banner for places where a horiztontal rope banner just won't work. Each "ladder" uses PVC rungs with brass-plated split rings to support the flags of your choice. The side rope is 5/16" nylon braid, with a top rope of 3/16" nylon braid. The top rope is looped through a 1" brass-plated split ring, and the entire ladder is ready to hang.

Like all our flags, these too are 8" x 8" and made from polyester-cotton broadcloth. That being said, we've found that including number pennants on a vertical banner just doesn't look very good at all. Therefore, we only offer letters of the alphabet for this type of order.

Due to minor limitations in our shopping cart, you must order 1 ladder with each vertical banner. You can order as many flags as you want in as many vertical ladders, just be sure to include a ladder with each banner. It doesn't matter how many rungs; we'll make as many as there are flags. Each ladder has an $9.00 single charge per ladder, regardless of the number of rungs.

Each order comes with a color Navy signal flags alphabet sheet, and simple instructions for washing. Although the rungs are attached using simple overhand knots, we've found it may be easier to dry-clean the ladders. However; the ladders do come apart if you're handy with rope, and you can wash the flags.

All our flags are stamped on the back with their English letter or number so you'll always know what the flag means. Flags are washable in cool temperature water, and using tumble dry settings. (Please avoid using fabric softening sheets.)