Coastal Decor Nautical Valance

Our valance flags are the same 8" x 8" polyester-cotton broadcloth as all our other flags. The only difference is that they have a 5/16" casing (the white upper area used to hang the flags). You can easily slide each flag onto a standard curtain rod, available just about everywhere. The flags do not come with rope, nor do they come with a curtain rod. 

Choose as many flags as you want, any letters or numbers in any combination. We've found that a typical 6-foot patio door/window does will with about 9 flags. That leaves about an inch between each flag. Figure about 9" per flag plus the overhang at each side of your window.

Each valance comes with a color Navy signal flags alphabet sheet, and simple instructions for washing. The flags are stamped on the back with their English letter or number so you'll always know what the flag means. Flags are washable in cool temperature water, and using tumble dry settings. (Please avoid using fabric softening sheets.)