Signal Flags on a Rope Banner

Our decorative nautical signal flags are handcrafted using polyester-cotton blend broadcloth. Each flag is entirely separate, and you can order as many of each letter or number as you'd like. Our flags are not strung together in a fixed, plastic banner. They're real, cloth flags, with a plain white fabric backing.

Our minimum order for rope banners is 4 flags, but you can order as many more flags as you want in order to spell something or make several words. We include the hanging rope at no extra charge, cut to fit your banner. For more than one word, we include a 5-inch space.

Each banner is ready-to-hang, and comes with a color Navy signal flags alphabet sheet, and simple instructions for washing. The flags are stamped on the back with their English letter or number so you'll always know what the flag means. Flags are washable in cool temperature water, and using tumble dry settings. (Please avoid using fabric softening sheets.)