Brazo Zulu (BZ) Award

The Bravo-Zulu citation is the Navy's way of signaling a "job well done!" Ships fly the two flags as a code, much as many other 2-flag codes are used at sea. Because we've created signal flags for decoration, we also offer a BZ award, ready-to-hang. The only thing not included is a hook of some sort.

This ladder is about 2 feet from top to bottom and offers you a way to say "well done" or to congratulate anyone with a nautical interest. Graduates, team members in business, military veterans or sailors who just won a race will enjoy this unique gift.  Simply go to our order form and indicate the number of banners in the "BZ" section. You can also specify a gift message if you'd like us to drop-ship your order.

Each order comes with a color Navy signal flags alphabet sheet, and simple instructions for washing. Although the rungs are attached using simple overhand knots, we've found it may be easier to dry-clean the ladders. However; the ladders do come apart if you're handy with rope, and you can wash the flags.

All our flags are stamped on the back with their English letter or number so you'll always know what the flag means. Flags are washable in cool temperature water, and using tumble dry settings. (Please avoid using fabric softening sheets.)