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Sometimes it isn't what you say, it's the way you say it. International maritime navy signal flags are a colorful way to spell names, messages, or for a nautical decor in your home. Give a personalized signal flag banner or wall hanging as a nautical wedding decoration, an unusual boating Christmas gift, or just for the plain fun of it!

You don't have to be in the military or own a yacht to enjoy these keepsake flags. Spell your initials, family name, child's name, or boat name. Make call signs, yacht club names, or any other message. Whatever you can spell, we can make.

  • Our flags each are hand-crafted at the time of your order.

Each flag is a separate 8" x 8" square, with a 1" or 1-5/16" slide-through casing on top, based on rope or valance flags. The flags use the same patterns as US Navy signal flags, and each one is made using high-quality cotton to last a lifetime.

  • Each flag has a white cloth backing, so the patterns are visible only from one side.

Banner, Nautical Valance, or Vertical Ladder

We offer three basic types of decorative banners. The horizontal banners hang on rope, left-to-right, and can be whatever length you'd like. Multiple words can be made as separate banners at no additional charge. Just let us know your preference. All banners are shipped ready to hang.

Our vertical banners are basically wall hangings. They're hung using a unique "ladder" of PVC tubing, rope, and small brass rings. These are designed for situations where you don't have a lot of left-to-right space, like a door or office wall. Hang them from a typical picture hook in tall, narrow locations wherever a rope banner wouldn't fit.

We also offer nautical signal flag window treatments as a curtain valance. These flags have a wider casing so as to slide onto a standard 3/4" (or less) curtain rod. With a 1/2" space between each flag, you can typically hang 5 flags on a 44" rod, or 9 flags on a 76" rod.

For more details on our banners and signal flags, click the magnifying glass to the right, or visit our product summary page. Let us know what you'd like to spell, and we can provide you with the overall banner length to within about four inches.

Supply and Demand

We're certainly pleased that our flags are growing in popularity, but we can only make so many at a time. Rather than raise the prices or limit the quantities, we think the most equitable solution is to take only as many orders as we can fulfill. We want our estimated ship time to be accurate. 

If we periodically reach our capacity, we temporarily close the site to new orders for a short period until we can clear the pipeline. Everything here remains in place, only the order buttons are disabled. We've also come to realize that we can't take very large orders excepting in unusual circumstances. For orders containing more than 12 flags, please email us first.

Ordering Information - Free Shipping

Each flag is $15.00 (see order page for minimums and vertical ladder pricing). We offer free shipping to anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, as well as to military APO addresses. Email us for international orders, as shipping prices, methods and regulations differ significantly.

We sell all 26 letters of the alphabet as well as the 10 number pennants (0 - 9), any quantities of any flags. We don't make repeater flags. We accept MasterCard & Visa credit or debit cards.

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These are individually crafted, high-quality, all-fabric flags, ready to hang, right out of the package. Depending on volume, we try to ship within 2-3 weeks from receipt of payment. However; see our order page for our current estimated ship times. (Not from a commercial manufacturing environment. Prices subject to change. All sales final: see Shipping & Returns policy for details.)

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